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Hello. Hope you are well.

Thanks for popping by.

You can call me Théa. It is not my real name but it is a nice name, I think.

I use pseudonyms for me and the people in my life for two reasons: 

1. It's easier for me to be uninhibited and honest.

2. I still protect the privacy of family and friends. If somebody googles my son's name in the years to come they will not be able to read all the weird stuff he said as a child. 

If you are still here then welcome to the virtual headspace of a longtime Hong Kong expat.

I am married to a human calculator, and a mum to a puppy of a toddler. 

This site is about my copings with motherhood, my mission to be decent human being most of the time, and the several unsuccessful attempts to de-clutter first my flat. 

You will find musings about life in Hong Kong, getting by as a parent, food, travel, civility, movement, household and domestic helpers .


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